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Cat, but I prefer God. [userpic]
Muse #4 - Thalia
by Cat, but I prefer God. (chasingtherain)
at January 17th, 2006 (03:44 pm)

And I'm Feeling: blah
Inspiration: Take it Off - The Donnas

Seems like whenever I stay home I tend to get another muse done. What-ev.

Despite throwing up every...5 minutes (aren't you all so glad I told you) I'm quite satisfied with this one also. So, without further ado, may I introduce the greek Muse of Comedy: Thalia.

Ahhh! So friggin huge! Oh well.

For reference: myself. And the mirror.
Song: A Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World (don't ask.)
Time it took: about 20 minutes to actually draw, and about 4 to 5 hours in Photoshop.

Not really too comedic, but hey, the spider pose (the pose she's in) in ballet is friggin awesome.

Next up we have either Calliope (song and singing) or Euterpe (happy music and "pleasure". Ah.). Comment and critique, plzkthnx.


Posted by: fin (lessthangreat)
Posted at: January 17th, 2006 09:53 pm (UTC)



And I missed you today, was totally lost, had no one to talk to, etc.

Might I vote for Calliope? Just because I've always liked that name. I don't really care which one you do first, just...yeah.

Hope you are feeling better, my darling.

Posted by: Cat, but I prefer God. (chasingtherain)
Posted at: January 17th, 2006 11:58 pm (UTC)

Oh sweet Lord that icon.

I shall return tomorrow to school. Did I miss anything?


Posted by: fin (lessthangreat)
Posted at: January 18th, 2006 01:27 am (UTC)

Not really. There was a vocab quiz in AP Lit (which I didn't take) and they went over the test from Friday (that neither of us took). Uh...LAM blahdi blah there's a test tomorrow. And...nothing extraordinary in AP Euro or Bible or Journalism soooo...that's it. Yeah. So, no, not really.

See you tomorrow or I will go to your house and steal you! :-D

Posted by: fin (lessthangreat)
Posted at: January 18th, 2006 02:01 am (UTC)

And also, I should tell you, well, I'm not supposed to say anything because apparently I was the only one who noticed ALL DAY, but you'll get a kick out of this.

Doug totally had a hickie today. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

You should have seen him when I called him on it. He got SO FREAKING RED and was like, "Oh, you're...you're, you're not supposed to see that it's supposed to be covered shhhh shhh don't say anything shhhh." Soooooo hilarious.

I shall hold it over his head FOR-EVAH!

Posted by: Natasha Fatale (angelic_oni)
Posted at: January 18th, 2006 04:14 am (UTC)

It's a nice pic. You've gotten really good with photoshop. ^^ And I kinda like the colors. They're nice, though not exactly what I'd consider comedy. lol

The position looks really uncomfortable. Bet I couldn't even do it for 2 minutes without falling on my face.

Looking forward to the last two.
(Is Euterpe the muse of sex? That'll be fun to draw.)

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