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Cat, but I prefer God. [userpic]
Sir Rudolph and I have an understanding.
by Cat, but I prefer God. (chasingtherain)
at February 22nd, 2006 (09:36 pm)
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Inspiration: Good Morning Beautiful - Deftones

It's somewhat shorter, but get excited because now I'm excited about it and will probably finish it, along with some fanart (which this one has as well!), within the next month. OTP, baby, O.T.P.

I personally think this tidbit is cute, because it seems to be the first fluff (or closest I can get to writing it) I've thrown in there for them. I love how I make my crazies so adorable.

Anyways, your comments are always loved like whoa on these. Plus, tell me whatever part of the story thus far you want to see visualized, because as of right now I've got like...Narcissa and the door. Enjoy!

When we last encountered the crazies, they had been awkwardly walked in on.

Two months later, nothing had happened that could replace everyone's joy out of making Rodolphus miserable. So naturally, it continued.
"…Swear it on Merlin's grave, he had her giggling."
"She knows how to giggle?"
Rodolphus shoved the eggs on the plate in front of him around with his fork. He was trying extremely hard not to give in to Avery's and Lucius' taunting. Bellatrix, who was within eavesdropping distance of the three boys, shot Lucius a nasty glare causing him to wince slightly. She then quickly stood up with a look of loathing to Rodolphus and marched out of the Great Hall towards her Owl Level Charms class of that morning. Rodolphus, quite understandably, dazed confusedly as she left and then plopped his forehead violently onto the table in front of him, centimeters from his beloved eggs.
"I can understand women, sure, but I'm pretty sure she's not even human, so don't worry about it too much," said Lucius through a mouthful of toast. Narcissa, on the other side of where Bellatrix had previously been seated, grimaced in disgust.
"Oh yes, Lucius, I'm sure you just have thousands of women throwing their knickers at you in the corridors when no one is looking."
"Macnair, my good man, jealousy is not an attractive personality trait. And with incest running rapid in that family tree of yours, I suggest you strongly pull for the personality being your attractive point."
"Malfoy, you're in my family tree."
"And once more, my point is proven. Fortunately for me, my father's side has veela ancestry, so I was born pretty."
Rodolphus finally lifted his head from the table to give Lucius a look as though he were the stupidest person alive and just being in his presence hurt his soul. He then gathered up his bag and set off in the same manner and direction as Bellatrix had.
It was truly a dreary day. The March rain hit the stone fountain in the middle of the center courtyard as Rodolphus passed by. 7th year Hufflepuffs were outside dancing with one another and practicing the newly taught drying charm, which just made Rodolphus' loathing of all things joyous increase times two.
The warm, candle lit interior of the Charms classroom finally greeted Rodolphus. He looked around the classroom until he found that familiar sleek, raven coloured hair draping over the back of a nearby seat.
"Please tell me you're not sitting with anyone," said Rodolphus with a sigh as he pulled out the chair next to Bellatrix and plopped down.
"What, don't you want to sit with your friends?" hissed Bellatrix with pure venom dripping in her tone.
"You know I don't agree with anything they say. Wait - okay, well once they said that I was awesome."
Bellatrix couldn't help but smile slightly, but refused to make eye contact with him.
"Bella, who cares what they think about you?"
"I don't want them influencing your opinion," whispered Bellatrix with a shrug.
"I was put in Slytherin for other reasons than just being the damn best head that hat had ever placed itself on. I can hold my own opinion quite strongly; I trust you know this by now."
"Of course I do-"
But before Bellatrix could finish her sentence, the tiny Professor Flitwick had started speaking.
"Today is absolutely ideal weather for a little group lab, wouldn't you agree?" squeaked the tiny voice. "Everyone, pick a partner and follow me outside! Don't forget your wands!"
"How is he always so excited about life?" grumbled Bellatrix as she slowly stood up and fastened her cloak.
"Tiny little bastard is probably hoarding all the Cheering Charms for himself these days. Come on, I must make sure you get wet," smirked Rodolphus with a wink. Bellatrix rolled her eyes severely and shoved her way past him.
The rain hit all the hoods of the cloaks of the students harshly. After being instructed to lower their hoods and a couple of groaning noises from the prissier Slytherin girls about their hair being ruined, everyone found themselves drenched.
"Now pair off like I said and practice the Drying Charm we learned yesterday!" squeaked Flitwick as he conjured an umbrella to protect himself from the rain.
"I actually enjoy the rain," spoke Bellatrix with a slight grin as she tilted her head to observe the heavens. "It feels like a cleansing for your interior as well. Try it."
Rodolphus stared at Bellatrix, fascinated that she was not hexing every raindrop that touched her. He closed his eyes and tried to use the rain as she had spoken of it, which turned out to be quite refreshing indeed. When he reopened his eyes, he was greeted with a huge grin on Bellatrix's face as she grabbed his hands and spun him around, laughing like a small child all the while. Rodolphus, extremely terrified, looked quickly over his shoulder while being spun to examine what the rest of the class was doing and if they were laughing and pointing. Ironically, but even more terrifying, they were not the only couple dancing like adolescent fools. In fact, the only person not dancing was Avery, who seemed to be distracted by the fact that his partner, Mildred Williams, had forgotten her cloak and remained in the rain in a white oxford shirt.
Rodolphus' thoughts returned to Bellatrix as she let go of his hands and simply began to twirl by herself. Her black hair ripped through the air like a whip, and yet, something about her seemed almost angelic. With a peaceful smile and a promising hope to his day, Rodolphus began swinging Bellatrix around once more and had the best Charms class of his life.


Posted by: fin (lessthangreat)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2006 03:00 am (UTC)

Ok, Fluffy McFlufferson. (Oh, that's a good one, I'll have to remember that one...) [/being Steve Blaisdell]

This was awesome. I think it's my favorite part of the story that you've done so far, to be honest. I like insecure!Bella because it makes her real and proves that she did, at one time, have a heart. :-) And I like that Roddy can be a total prick while he's being encouraging. Seriously. Even Lucius can't pull that off (and you can tell him I said that...because apparently we know them, WTF?).

And you know I love that picture. It's gorgeous. And I'm glad you'll be doing art for this. And mine...I think...'cause you said...with the...door...? Um, I'd pay you? *shifty eyes* Anyway, I'll have to go back and look through the rest of this story to see what all I'd like artified. (FUNNIFICATION IS NOT A WORD, MOONY.)

I'd also like to point out that apparently Avery is alright with sloppy seconds. You know Lucius is like, "Wha...pug...face...are you BLIND?!"

I'm glad you brought up the veela blood thing. Because honestly, I think it might be true. Like, way back in the family bloodline. I mean, there's no freakin' way, with that hair color. But that's just my opinion. Jo might be laughing at me and my comrades at this very second.

Oh, wait, something else funny. "Oh yes, Lucius, I'm sure you just have thousands of women throwing their knickers at you in the corridors when no one is looking." At this point, Narcissa totally goes, "Of course he doesn't. I've had all possible suspects apprehended and murdered." And then just walks away. OHMIGOSH that's so funny and totally completely true in every way.

I'm glad you posted this. Because now it makes me want to write more of mine. :-D Squee!

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